Chris E Gibson is a successful inspirational transformation mentor working with individuals and the corporate world, helping them to develop a blueprint and then create a road map for them to navigate the future effectively, with maximum productivity. The purpose of this website is to help you to grow as a conscious human being that ads value to the society. This includes guiding you to discover and accept your life purpose; inspiring you to feel motivated, energized and passionate; whilst helping you to shed disempowering relationships and build a network of loving support. Teaching you how to achieve stable financial abundance and doing what you love, encouraging you to make a genuine contribution to humanity so you can finally experience the kind of life that deep down, you always knew you were meant to live.


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I'msure you have a bright idea hidden somewhere in the back of your mind that you just can't wait to test out.Of course you're not the only one with the bright idea.So what motivates you tochurn those creative,oreve ninspiring juices to its utmost flavour?

You are designed to be a river not a reservoir!


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My Enemy is My Friend - the Unwanted Life Coach

Sure it is easy to be a mentor, adviser, confidante, consultant, and a friend whose purpose is to help out someone in need of a certain thing. A life coach does all that as well. Now you may ask what differences set life coaches apart from mere consultants or advisers.

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Understanding Money

This is the cause of all that is material but the reason why man struggles so hard. The value of money is so unstoppable now. It is so important though people always try to claim that it is not that so much important. The fact is so clear that money matters... a lot.

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